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Longing for your love

Days becomes weeks and they too becomes months Dreaming about you its a norm Daring to fly to you i always do Drilling and echoing in my mind you do love I’M weak without you and your loving heart Your love is a remedy that heals my heart Your care is the blanket that keepsContinue reading “Longing for your love”

Damn you covid-19!!

At the age of 19 i feel like a prisonerI can’t go out without a permitDamn you covid you imprisoned me in my own town and turned police against me Now they are out here searching for i like dog searching for a bone all because of you covid…i can’t shake hands with my brothersContinue reading “Damn you covid-19!!”


Without hesitation you imprisoned meCaged me like a helpless bird.You ignored my cry even the river on my cheeks.You stripped my dignity,threw my virginity and took my youthfulness away.I walk under a cloud of shame and worthlessness.Sorrow and pain its my ground i rest on it.Because of you my teeth are glued together im unableContinue reading “Rape!!”

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